Supports for foreigners

Our company’s objective is a continuous development and expansion. Therefore, our offer is intended not only to Polish, but also to foreign customers. Recently, our services have been popular among the citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. We guarantee the Customer’s company registration on the territory of the European Union (in Poland), as well as comprehensive legal, accounting, and widely understood business consulting.

The package of services comprises:

Comprehensive market analysis and knowledge of preferences and financial capabilities of the customers is of critical importance to successful business. Our experts will thoroughly examine the size of your market of interest, its capacity, growth rate, trend of selling your goods and/or services, demand, requirement and preferences of potentials buyers and determine anticipated price level and profit. We will also advice the best manner of advertising and promotion of your products and, of course, present main competitors active in your sector.

The company registration services comprise comprehensive package of activities aiming at establishing a business entity. For the convenience of our Customers the talks are conducted in Russian and Ukrainian language

The package of our services comprises:

  • Legal and accounting consultancy
  • Tax Consulting
  • Selection of PKD (Polish Classification of Activities)
  • Checking the name of the company as to the possible violation of rights of third parties
  • Preparation of the draft deed of the company
  • Signing a notary deed – notary and sworn translator services
  • Selection of taxation form
  • Preparation and submission of documents to the government offices and the National Court Register
  • Support in choosing the legal address
  • Registration at the Revenue and Customs Office and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)

What does the registration process look like?

Day 1

  • Legal, accounting and tax consultancy
  • PKD selection
  • Checking the name of the company as to the possible rights of third parties
  • Preparation of the Company Deed

Day 2

  • Signing the notary deed
  • Signature the registration documents

That’s all you have to do – other registration formalities will be made by us.

Upon request we can book a hotel accommodation for our Customers.

Most products have to pass certification proceedings prior to marketing in EU market. Certification is a pretty complicated issue, which requires knowledge of legal regulations at EU, national and regional level. We will help you to find out the standards and/ or EU directives applicable to your product. The LUCRUM Group works also with notified certification bodies, which are authorized to verify conformity of the products and to carry out necessary tests.

  • Temporary stay permit (for specific period of time)
  • Permanent resident card (obtaining authorisation to settle)
  • Work permit
  • Visas

We provide a full scope of support to obtain approval of residency in Poland for our foreign customers. Our support comprises preparation of full set of documents, their translation and submission to respective authorities

Once the registration process has been completed, you may take benefit from our offer of comprehensive legal and accounting support for your company. Our idea is to provide you with all services needed to carry out properly and safely your business within the European Union. When providing you with accounting services we assume the whole legal and financial liability.

Our accounting services comprise, among the other things:

  • bookkeeping
  • tax liability calculation
  • tax consultancy
  • commercial law consulting
  • settlement of HR-related issues; keeping HR records
  • calculation of social insurance contributions (“ZUS”)
  • submission of documents to relevant revenue and customs authorities and Social Insurance Institution (“ZUS”)
  • keeping accounting records
  • representation before state authorities
  • recommendation of proven service providers
  • others

When you entrust us with your tax and legal issues to deal with, within a short time you will come to know we are experts.


Finding address for the company is time-consuming and expensive. On registration of a company, the seat of the company has to be stated in the notary deed.

In response to this requirement:

WE OFFER RENTAL OF THE COMPANY SEAT – it is the cheapest option of tenancy. In the scope of this service you will receive the registration address and mail address of the company. We will give you an exclusive separate mailbox and inform you of any correspondence received.

Price: PLN 199.00 monthly.

FINDING OFFICE OR WAREHOUSE PREMISES TO RENT (area of 20 to 2000m2) – within the scope of this service we will search for the office facilities meeting your needs.

The price depends mostly on the facility standard and available surface.

CONFERENCE HALL – to rent on hourly basis. This is a room for 8-10 people equipped with LCD TV set and flipchart. It is perfectly suitable to hold meetings with customers or business partners.

Price: PLN 30.00 per hour.

WORKING DESKS TO RENT – dedicated work places with free, unlimited access to Internet, printer and copying machine.

Price: PLN 49.00 daily or 399.00 monthly.

We offer to our Customers the services of negotiating the deals of goods & services sales and purchases, debt recovery and composition agreements on the territory of Poland.

Opening a bank account under favourable conditions requires examining many options and good understanding of the contract terms, which are usually provided in Polish language. We offer the services of bank offer comparison  and participation in opening bank account along with interpreting services.

Lucrum, within the scope of its offer, may represent you before the state authorities such as revenue offices, ZUS, municipalities, etc.

Business relations reinforced over the years allow us to undertake efficient search of entities ready to make investments in the execution of perspective projects. Following a preliminary analysis of the projects, our experts will present a specific action plan.